Monday, February 12, 2007

Thursday 22nd June 1933

At the Dole Queue, I met Lancaster, one of the men engaged by “The People”. He went to Coalville and was sacked within three days. Says that nearly all the men are back now. It was a tough job.

Am preparing dinner. Have just heard a street musician playing “Londonderry Air”. Memories. The British United Concert Hall, myself at the side of the stage. Concertina and voice – “Mine own dear land…” Toc H. The darkened club room and our voices – the members, in a semi-circle. St. Alban’s Church – darkened – and we of Toc H standing in the Chapel of Remembrance. “They trusted God…” Again the Church – at night and empty except for the choir. A girls voice, singing – “The Londonderry Air”. The dingy house at Ellis Avenue. Myself ill in bed and Dad playing the piece to sooth me.

Three months ago. The H.F. club room. Mr. Melton. The members around, slightly bored. Moor Hill. 1931 and I singing for joy as I went down a green hill….where e’er my footsteps wander… And last Christmas, I passed a house – it was cold and dark – and heard a girls voice. I did not know the words, but the old tune…”The Londonderry Air”. Sometimes when I heard it I was worried, irritable. But always I forgot other things, until the music ceased.


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