Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday 24th June 1933

The heat wave is returned! Afternoon; helped the Troop Colour Patrol take their kit to the County Patrol Competion at Riseholme. Tiny, Tug, Wag, Hack, Laurie and Dickie Wish. Left them at the gate. “Fighting for the Honour of the Troop”.

Slight tea at home, then walked to Sudbrooke. Two Scouts in camp. I mended a gate (by felling a small tree for a crossbar) to keep the sheep off the camp site. Akel turned up at 8.45 and took me to Riseholme Park. We were allowed in by special permit. Camp fire until 11 o’clock. How I revel in a decent camp fire! It ended at last, singing “Jerusalem” around the blaze. “And did those feet in ancient time…?”

The last hymn in the Square at Daventry. Keen boys – the pick of the County, naturally – shall we win? A talk around the embers, while the camp went to sleep. Home, swiftly through the night. Just striking 12 as I unlocked the door.


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