Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday 1st July 1933

First Class Test Journey with Tiny. Huge packs, especially Tiny. Train to Woodhall Junction. Had to hike to Sudbrooke, making log, maps etc. and collecting sundry information, such as, “discover how the monks of Tupholme got their supplies”.

Across fields. Very hot. Just beyond the village we had the first view of Lincoln Cathedral. Flat country and cooler paths to Tupholme Abbey; enquiries about the monks. “I don’t know”. Met Mr. Crowder(Grandfather of Peter the Scout), who was to be our host.

Met a motorist who offered us a lift. Outskirts of Bardney; Peter’s house. Pitched our tent at the end of the orchard. Early to bed, and to sleep. Warm, though I had only one blanket. Mileage 7.


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