Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wednesday 28th June 1933

Acted partly on impulse and partly on set purpose. Became a driving pupil under Sandham, the Canwick Road motor engineer. Cost of instruction £1. 15s. Plus licence and insurance £2.7.6. Heaven knows how I shall pay it! Paid £1 deposit, then went to the Corporation Offices where I received a driving licence. Proud moment!

Drove to Canwick, then I “took over”. The mysteries of clutch and gears. A car passed almost at once. No accident occurred and I became quite confident. We drove (I drove) about 20 miles, right beyond Potter Hanworth. Enjoyed every minute. Thrilling to feel the engine answering my slightest touch. A new experience, fresh adventure!

Evening, Scout Sports, City School Ground. Westgate came third – Bracebridge won. Nothing sensational occurred. I feel horribly poor – and no wonder! Liabilities exceed assets.


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