Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday 8th Sunday 9th July 1933

Week-end camp at Sudbrooke. My 27th camp. Third this year. Nobody else went – nearly all had gone to Pontefract. (Chief Scouts Rally). A few parents were at Sudbrooke on Saturday. I had four swims altogether, two each day. A comfortable night though disturbed by buzzing flies. Had no watch so do not know what time I got up on Sunday. The swim I had before breakfast; was the best of the four.

Breakfast; bacon and tomatoes in the “Lion” boat, drifting with the wind. I made a table out of paddles. The wind was quite strong and drove the boat out of it’s course easily. I tried steering with an oar while the wind did the work. Two Scouts came about noon; we had a splash battle all across the lake and all got soaked. A sudden rainstorm with high wind. I was at the end of the lake and could scarcely row to land in time. Home by bus 9o’clock. An expensive week-end – 10d.


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