Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friday 7th July 1933

Evening: Meeting at Riseholme re. starting a distant Crew for Rovers, chiefly those not already members of a Crew in their own Group. About 20 turned up for an open air meeting – all but one strangers to me. I hope to get in a team for the County Rover Hike.

The embryos Rover Leader took a crowd of us to Riseholme Tea Gardens – I had a lift on someone’s motor bike – and stood us a glass of lemonade each. First meeting of the new Crew – under the trees at dusk, a Chinese lantern hanging nearby. Walked to Lincoln with one of the “unattached” ones. Late S.M. of Newland Troop. I paused at Carline Road, on the crest of the hill. It was night and the sky light blue. Lights twinkled below; I could hear railway trucks being shunted. Eastwards, a huge yellow moon was rising from a bank of clouds. Westward the sky was almost white. Southwards I could hear the drone of an aeroplane and saw it’s lights as it turned.


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