Sunday, February 18, 2007

Monday 3rd July & Tuesday 4th July 1933

Hot, sultry weather. Head aching. Clouds of gloom – a hot cloud. The Cathedral clock has just struck 6p.m. Failure! Failure! Six times. No news from Coalville; nor will there be. Should have had a driving lesson yesterday (Monday) but could not afford it.

How poor I am! It is rotten to be so poor. The Troop is going to Yorkshire this weekend, to see the Chief. It will cost 3/6 and I am too poor to go. I had to have extra pocket money for the train fare to Woodhall last Saturday. What shall I do? I need more Money. I almost hate money, it is such a snobbish standard. If you have not got money you are labelled as Inferior. People who have plenty make a show of it. Everyone struggles for it.

One big consolation: I am young and fit. Things have only gone wrong for less than a year. Before that year is through I shall have a job. What is one year out of eighty? The clouds will lift.

Westgate; did nothing, too hot. Most went to Sudbrooke for a swim. I was too poor however.


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