Sunday, February 18, 2007

Monday 17th July 1933

Bed at 11p.m. last night. At 1 o’clock this morning, I began reading a magazine, unable to sleep. At last fell asleep about 3 a.m.

Showed Jack the Cathedral and Castle. Climbed Central Tower and found some nerve-testing, dark, narrow passages. Great Tom struck the hour as we stood beside it. A terrible, powerful and sinister crash of sound.

(2004 Of course, we should not have up there, it was not a place for the public. We happened to find a door open and went up the stairs. We were very foolish to remain in the belfry, when we knew Great Tom was about to strike.I realize now that Jack was a very brave boy, to me it was just an exciting adventure but Jack was afraid of heights, Yet he showed no fear at the time.)

Back at home I climbed onto the roof, drainpipe was blocked, as I climbed the tiles to clean it – and found a birds nest inside. Did not disturb it; there were two eggs. Went to the chimney pot at the crown of the roof and found one ready to fall. Indeed, it broke away at my touch and there I stood, with one hand on the crumbling pot and one on the stack, my feet delicately balanced on the ridge of he roof. I turned it on it’s side and blocked it to prevent slipping – a hurtling pot does damage. The chimney was a new black cavity and alas! I dislodged some soot.

A walk with Jack and Hockley by fields to Sudbrooke Park. Jack and I had a swim while Hockley paddled Lion around. Coldish water.


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