Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tuesday 1st August 1933

The wind had fallen! Now, at night, it is quite still. And the sun has been shining today.

Morning: Wandered through the woods trying to get lost in the thick parts. This troop does not get enough variety or adventure usually, but today has been better.

Afternoon: Went to Langworth for the shopping and travelled by chassis! Took turns at pushing and steering. Amused villagers and car drivers on the main road. A girl of the shop. Blue eyes, fair hair. Halted outside for a long rest.

Evening: Supper on an island, in a clearing among the trees. Tiny, Laurie, Tyler, Dickie Wish and myself. Lit a cheery fire and sat around drinking tea. Glow of the flames through the trees and on the water. Tiny’s ghost yarn. “His mother’s Jewels” culminating in a yell – “You’ve got them!” We seem like Canadian trappers in the forest. Back to our tents over the silent lake.


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