Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saturday 26th January 1935

“It’s a wild night!” A friendly voice called in passing as I strode through the darkness towards Egham. A wild night and a happy one. I went into the King’s Head for a drink; all my old friends came in and we sat around the fire. A letter from Peggy was there, for me. Read it twice in lulls of the conversation. The first feeling was the old upset one. The second, just happiness…… ”Years before I saw you again… awfully glad when I saw you that morning in Egham High Street… don’t know why – it shouldn’t make any difference… should it?… I’ve wanted to speak to you ever since that morning… I’m not engaged yet!… I still go out with whom I like… I hope you will write…”

Left the King’s Head at closing time. A few flakes of snow fell as I marched back to Thorpe.

Irrelevant note: The Tangle (the old, grim Tangle) is now officially declared ended.


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