Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saturday 19th January 1935

Should have been “Daily Round” Day, when I keep a detailed note of all my doings.
Did not have any time however and in any case it was not an ordinary day.

Breakfast at Kings Head, lunch at Red Lion. All my kit is at Thorpe now. Each time I move there is more kit to be transported.

This book has covered a rather chaotic period. At this time I might have been on the way to engagement to a girl at the Works! What a damn fool! (As Young told me at the time!) At Thorpe I hope for a nice quiet time. Strife at the Works, peace at home – that is my idea of a happy life.

In the evening I cycled to Hounslow. Cinema again; I enjoyed their musical programme. Discovered there was more “guts” in classical music than in jazz.
A desperate race back, with a speeding bus. Just beat it to Staines Bridge. Arrived at digs 11.40.

Cheese and pickles for supper!


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