Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Friday 11th January 1935

The first plan failed; the second has been abandoned. I’ll receive the bill but won’t be able to pay it!

A stormy night with a high wind and much rain. Cycled into it, wearing a coat and macintosh. Soon the rain stopped and I was racing along drenched roads. At Hounslow I tried to sell my overcoat to a pawn broker but he “never dealt in coats”. (It was nearly closing time.) Came from the pledge office with a nasty taste in my mouth.

Went to the Dominion Theatre and gave my mac. to the car park attendant (he was glad of it). When I got inside, a girl on the stage was singing “I’ll string along - with you” Typical 20th century jazz! I enjoyed it all, very much. Jack Halbert in “The Camels are Coming” sang “Who’s been polishing the Sun?” OK.

Left there 11 o’clock, home as the clock struck 12.


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