Monday, March 26, 2007

Saturday 5th January 1935

Bitterly cold today and dry. When I get up in the morning I look eastwards and see red sky, as the sun rises. Sometimes it is a yellow dawn but not often. As I cross the Medes, just before 9 o’clock the White Works are before me.

Last night at dusk I saw red sky behind the bare trees on Coopers Hill; and across the yard rose the dark silhouette of the Making House chimneys – gauntly against a blue-grey sky.

A lonely walk in the afternoon. Stayed for tea and cakes and a chat in the Runnymede Snack Bar. Music – “I love you very much – madam.” Tango rhythm is bewitching. When I can dance, I must have a shot at the Tango! Aesthetic appeal!

Soon after writing the above, Bob Young arrived and spent the evening with me.
A jolly evening, sitting and drinking and talking to Jones and his wife; the Cinema manager; Messrs. Wren and Broome – all the usual crowd. After closing time, Young and I had supper. OK! A happy evening and if expensive, I’m still within the safety margin!

Strange, it made me feel more fit than the brisk walk I had, in the fresh air just before. Shows that physical unfitness can have a mental origin. Perhaps lonely strolls for the sake of health, defeat their own object.


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