Monday, March 26, 2007

Wednesday 2nd January 1935

Warm, awkward work in the White Room – chiefly canning. Sore fingers.

The weather is still very warm and damp. The Thames is running fast and high.

Evening; went to the quiet little village of Thorpe, two miles away, in search of digs.The Red Lion, a country pub. “Country folk with quiet faces”; No bath, live with the family; supper provided; low ceilings; a wireless set; kettles on the hearth… A delightful change and only 25/- with some laundry done also! Next month – there would be nobody to know me; no snobs; The people are not a bit curious about me – Engineers from the gravel pits sometimes stay there… Like pages from a book!

It is nearly 12 o’clock. Smoking a cigarette, I am just going to read a few minutes before going to sleep. And –

Here ends Midnight.


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