Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thursday 10th January 1935

My working overalls being nasty and ragged and slimy, I bought a lab. coat last night. It was delivered at the Works this morning and I proudly donned it.

At lunchtime I suddenly realised I was broke again! That is, I had about 6/- left and 20/- was due from home on Monday. (The quota!) On Saturday my bill here will be about 36/6 or 37/- On Friday I shall receive my weeks wages – 30/-
It sound rather obtuse so I’ll tabulate:

In hand - 6s 1p; Wages - 30s 0p = Income until Monday - 36/-

Digs (roughly) - 37/-; Laundry - 1/1 = Expenses until Monday 38/-.

Additional expenses, lunches and pocket money for Sunday. Therefore there is a deficit of at least 2/-.

Having considered all this I went to the Runnymede Snack Bar and puzzled things out –without gloominess this time. Eventually devised a plan – and if it fails I have a second (desperate) plan to avoid receiving the bill before Monday. (There was music, the Tango, “Argentina” and I whistled it gaily as I strode back to work.)

The time is 9.25; so far I have successfully resisted a weak impulse to write home for the necessary money. The last possible post goes at 9.45!

10.45p.m. I did not write home and I am not worrying about things.


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