Friday, March 30, 2007

Thursday 11th April 1935

A happy day – almost!

Went up late tonight – last day of the P.V. and E. session.

Surprise meeting with Pegs at the station. She looking breathless and more adorable than ever (if that’s possible). Mad Willy arrived and was introduced. Travelled as far as Richmond together – Pegs was going to meet one of her entourage there. Afterwards Mad Willy said, “ I don’t know how you had the strength to finish it!”
Simple words…

We went into the lab. to hear the exam results. Two passes! I got 64% marks and was forth. Mad Willy was just one mark below me. We shook hands enthusiastically. The lecturer, Browning, took the remnant of his class down to the refreshment room.
Eight, out of the original twenty five students.

…Mad Willy and I sat beside an open window on the way down, talking about the sky and space and the stars. “It’s been a good evening”…

I was expecting Peggy to return by the late train, alone. Gloomy walk home for a girl, by herself. So after a hasty supper, I dashed back to Staines station and watched the trains come in. She arrived by the 11.30, with a young man. Unfortunate! My presence was, therefore, superfluous.

Got back to the Red Lion – all asleep. It is now nearly 1 o’clock and I’m writing this in the taproom beside a dead fire. Silence except for the ticking of my alarm clock, beside me. Only illumination – my cycle lamp. How many times have I sat in silence, writing about Peggy? And still, though it’s eighteen months since I met her, pages of disappointed bilge flow from my pen!

Well, I’ll remember the night when I knew I’d passed the first technical exam!

I’d arranged to see her – just once more – on Monday.
Shall I? Don’t know.


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