Friday, March 30, 2007

Wednesday 3rd April 1935

Bought a new pipe today – I could just afford it.

Had a bath in the evening, which gave me a nice, clean feeling. Lazed about; did little studying. Think I’ll be alright.

On Sunday in a pub at Windsor, we were discussing life and love. I told of the six love affairs I desired at some time. Jotted them down on a cigarette packet; I’ve got it with me now.

These are the six women, or situations, I wish to meet:

An imaginative dreamer. (“And then, you suddenly cried and turned away”)
Sophistication. Emotionless. Intellectual.
Intensely romantic affair, i.e. unusual and strange.
Very passionate and emotional storm.
Madam. i.e. the queen and her subject. Proud, except with her lover (I love you very much, Madam)
Mother of Peace – (“And take my tiredness home…”)
The six great loves! (The cynic: “Quite an ambitious programme, what?”)


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