Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday 21st March 1935

Mad Willy and I both felt tired so slacked at the Poly.

I cycled idly home in the late afternoon of a summer-like day; washed, changed, had a snack of tea.

Went to Norlands home at 6 o’clock and waited, sitting on a gate with a book of poetry. “…Songs and dreams are better than the truth…”

We caught the 6.31 up and did not do much practical work. Reached Staines again at half past ten. Mad Willy said that clouds before the silver moon were like “wind swept sands”.

A beautiful day and a beautiful night. Delightful change, strolling down “tube” passages, in no hurry. We could have caught an early train up, by sprinting over the bridge. “Shall we catch it?” “No”. Simultaneously we both said, “Beneath our dignity!” We let that train go without us!


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