Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wednesday 13th March 1935

Peggy again met me on the Medes; alone this time. Came to give me a book which might interest me. (Either she is heartless or she doesn’t understand.) I said she was a devil and she said, well, I shouldn’t be so silly. She liked me very much and enjoyed going out with me…

Afterwards, I found Mad Willy sitting quietly beside the river. Lit a cigarette and talked to him, In the sunshine. (Cold sunshine – early dawn.)

Last night I was in bed and unconscious by 8.30. Eleven hours of solid sleep! Glorious!

This week, I can go to the Poly in the orthodox way and miss one “lunch”. Alternatively, I can have the usual snacks and cycle part of the way. I’ll do the latter. I’d love a square meal!


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