Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Friday 8th March 1935

Grey, bitter day. Did some colour tinting at work and got myself in a filthy mess.

Spoke to Miss Walmsley – a rare occurrence. She said Colin wished to see me. Rather savage about some tittle-tattle he’d heard from one of the Poly. Students, (Mac.) whom he works with. Arranged to see him at Staines Bridge, 8.30.

Described my feelings when I remarked to Maurice that I was “bloody tired of it” “perfectly ridiculous.” Waited at the Bridge. Very cold, flakes of driving snow. Smoking a pipe, nervously. He was smoking a cigarette. We went into the Swan and talked things over, gradually becoming more friendly. Later I told him I was thoroughly ashamed of the midwinter episode; that the affair was utterly ended as far as I was concerned; and that my conscience was quite clear about the gossip he had heard. All true. Glad to get it off my mind. Felt cleaner. We had drinks and cigarettes together; talked an hour or so. He’s not a bad chap and very much in love.
We shook hands outside the pub. “Cheerio”

Awfully pleased we met. I hated not being straight with him.

So Stillness and happily, on a snowy night.


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