Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thursday 28th February 1935

Long day. As I was dragging a pot of hot oil about the yard, I was called to the phone. Marjorie! Surprise. Arranged to see her after Poly.

Lunchtime, Bell Weir, Mad Willy. Discussed girls. I made an entry in my diary and showed it to him. “Ashes of love to be cast to the four winds of heaven” March 10th or following week.

Cycled home easily at 4.30 Cup of tea, cigarettes, changed. Cycled in a leisurely way to Staines and caught the 6.11. Reached the Poly at 7.10 and made a rosin-linseed oil varnish.

Met Marjorie at 9.30 and she took me to a snug little Russian Restaurant near the Circus. “The Troika”

Afterwards we went to her flat at Paddington, for coffee. Fascinating modern decoration. Left at 11.30 and just caught the last train down.

Home at 1 o’clock. Happy day. “Efficient” feeling, with no plans going astray.


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