Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wednesday 20th February 1935

Spent the evening in (so to speak) clearing up. Had a bath, wrote several letters, did some reading and studying. As I sat, making notes of a book – “Personnel Administration” – I subconsciously weaved fantastic dreams in which adventure and ambition blended. It was an American book and my thoughts went to that country; home of industrial psychology.

The fantasy: I go from making house to colour shop. A summer on “Colours”, then, my training over, I go into the office as assistant to Mr Lever. (I like him) Then I am able to live almost comfortably and without help from home. A winter of advanced paint study of industrial administration at the Poly. Then – glorious summer. Follows – big changes at the works and I’m one of the lucky ones! Now I am virtually Ascot Works Manager. Years follow. Happiness. Responsibility and salary gradually increase. Until I reach the farthest point possible… Still under thirty, I leave. Go to America. Personnel work in a big paint firm. (And do I take an English girl with me?)

The fantasy goes no further. Success is looming! The dream ends at that.


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