Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thursday 21st February 1935

Brief chronicle of foolishness: Reached Waterloo by 5.20 and decided to walk to the Poly. Had had no tea at all. A whisky in the Strand. Went into a select underground bar at Oxford Circus called “Harry’s”. More whisky. Very nice but I couldn’t afford it and needed some food in any case. Hasty cup of tea and a sandwich at the Poly before going into the lab.

Did not do much work. There is little to do in the paint lab. Nearly everyone slacks. Jones and I later, climbed a step ladder onto the roof. Met by cold, hard wind, lights of the City below and around us. Ended the evening hard up and with a head ache.

If I had to spend it, why not on food? I could manage a decent meal, heaven knows!


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