Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monday 25th February 1935

Rained hellishly all day. Feet wet and cold, clothes clammy most of the time.

Lunchtime; sandwiches under a tree on the riverbank with “Mad Willie”, i.e. Jones of the lab. the fresh air fiend and crazy person generally. But quite pleasantly mad!

I still half plan, half dream. Re Pegs, I’m going to get as much happiness (perhaps I should say “enjoyment”) out of the next few meetings with her. Then finish. Why not? We’re in different worlds; she is gay (candle entices fluttering moth) whilst I am a dull dog in a transitional, educative stage. Not as though she loved me particularly; she has so many admirers.

Yes. I’ll end it quite soon. But never a hint until the time comes! Rather amusing how we continue coming together and parting! While things are - as they are – it would be fatuous to keep it up. N’est ce pas?

(All right, you clever maker of plans! See that your plans are fulfilled!)


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