Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Friday 1st March 1935

Long, busy days! Topping! A.B. Simpkins was taken on at the Works again. I am to move into the Colour Shop tomorrow. Fresh venture! Most important place since the Making House.

Had a note for Bob but nearly forgot it. Just caught him as he passed through Staines by the 5.31.

Back to the pub. Wash, tea, wrote a letter. Phoned Peggy and arranged a meeting two hours ahead. Shopping in Staines. Called at the library to apologise for my absence.
Back to Thorpe. Bath, changed; a cigarette. Cycled to Egham.

As a clock struck 9, I was waiting on the riverside for Peggy. Flood water racing down. Those few minutes with her – well, I won’t be morbid or introspective. Back to Thorpe.

As a clock struck 10, I was taking off my mac. Now it is supper time. I’m hungry!


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