Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tuesday 12th March 1935

7 o’clock. The sitting room at the Red Lion.

When we got to that side gate at Wood Haw, in the very early hours of this morning, - I kissed Peggy. Then with her in my arms, I told her… Why? Whole thing impossible and so forth… Interval… I kissed her again and cursed and came out of the gate.
She came out too and gave me her hand. I kissed it. Her last words – “Don’t forget to phone me, will you?”

It had been a very happy night – one of the best we’ve ever had. If only I could have met her in 1937, not 1933! But perhaps I shall. Who dares guess at the future?

When I awoke this morning, I was very tired; I’ve been tired all day.

Out of the works at lunchtime. Green, sunlit Medes. She was riding nearby, with someone else and came across the meadow with me. Again she said, with quiet serene certainty, “Don’t forget what I said, will you?” I went into the Coach and Horses and had a drink.

It is 7.10. At 7.30 I’m going upstairs! Read in bed awhile, then – sleep.


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