Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday 14th March 1935

How weary and weak I felt when I set out for Hounslow! Usually feel pretty listless. Not lack of sleep; lack of food. At Ashford I had a bar of chocolate and 3 cups of tea. Thought that meant no lunch tomorrow!

Instead of going to Hounslow Central Station I turned aside to one slightly nearer – Hounslow West. Would the fare be too much?… It was the same and the cycle storage was 3d cheaper. Leaves me 4 1/2d and a few cigarettes! Reached the Poly. Early. No lecturer. Slacked about – made a coter varnish – until 8.30, then left.

“Mac” incidentally had not been gossiping (nor had I) so doubtless the scandal was a result of Colin’s vivid imagination. What a stupid, petty business!

Hounslow West, 9.25 Home along Great West Road, 10.10p.m.


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