Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tuesday 19th March 1935

Vigil Day

Trivial things irritated me. My dirty, sore hands, tired feet.

At lunchtime I found Pegs on the Medes. (Wish she would not make it harder for me!)
I carried her shopping basket. She looked lovely.

As I was tired I did not go far for Vigil. (Much quicker than usual – less exhilaration – but very sincere. That was my special request for the forthcoming twelve months – Sincerity.)

Watery moon, faint breeze. From a seat below a stone wall, I looked towards misty darkness. The future, also like that. There were people in the woods around – lovers – but I was strangely alone, aloof. For some time I sat there smoking my pipe, drinking it all in.

Since returning I have been in the bar at Red Lion. I’m sitting in a corner now, writing this; a glass of beer beside me.


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