Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday 5th February 1935

Peggy was as unexpected, surprising and charming as usual. Also less reserved. She looked tired, though. From Waterloo, I rang up the New Vic. (Peggy with me in the box) to ask where it was! The clerk gave me vague directions. Then the phone operator rang through, apologised for listening in, and gave me clear, concise instructions. Courteous telephone service!

In a crowded District train Peggy and I were next to a couple of yodellers, one with a banjo.

Mid balcony at the New Victoria. At the interval – a Spanish tango orchestra, on the stage. All my favourites. (I was happy but discontented, a strange combination.)

After a snack in the Waterloo buffet, we caught the 11.58 down. New experience, to be in London with a girl – and a jolly attractive one at that!

After seeing Peggy home I walked to Thorpe. 2 o’clock.


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