Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday 13th September 1935

Another driving lesson. Chobham Common. Improved starts and stops. Can get into top quite quickly. Practised changing down on hills. Also starting on a hill. One has to accelerate, take off the clutch and the hand brake – all at once. Failed ten times and succeeded the eleventh.

Koke, “fed-up”, went out “on the binge”. George and I waited for her. Eventually he went to bed. She returned about 12.15.

12.30 now. I’m going to read Sapper awhile before sleeping. Have a bedside light.
Yes, George is OK.

Re. the Itals – Abyssinian trouble. The papers are full of military pictures. Italy is steadily preparing for the great moment. Meanwhile, the League of Nations is talking. Surprise in today’s news. France will back up Britain and stand by the League! If they had refused support, we could have gracefully extricated ourselves from the mess – “with all honour” as the pseudo-patriots say. However, France has backed up Britain. Perhaps unfortunate.


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