Monday, April 30, 2007

Friday 24th January 1936

Met Gwyn at Temples in the evening and went to Westminster for the Lying-in-State.
Slowly moving queue half a mile in length. Waited about an hour. We both dislike crowds but this was a special occasion. Wet evening but not too bad.

When we got into Westminster Hall, the Gentlemen-of-the-Kings Bodyguard – grim, aloof veterans – were changing guard. The terribly slow thud of their marching feet as they came up the steps… In the centre of the Hall – the catafalque. Four Guards officers on their swords (could real men be so still?) On the coffin, the Crown…

We did not speak for some time afterwards. Gwyn was tired. Had some coffee then taxi-ed to Waterloo. Saw her off on the Sutton train and then came down by the 11.58.


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