Thursday, April 12, 2007

Saturday 10th August 1935

Have made no notes since the 5th because there was nothing to write about. Dull days…

With Dick this afternoon. The old understanding returned somehow, and we told each other secrets as before. (See notes opposite page!) Yes, we definitely go our separate ways – but send messages back!

After tea we met Hubbard and at dusk, came to a place called Athens – Riverside.
We plunged in – with the moon glinting on the water. Young saw it shattered as he dived with open eyes. At Hubbards request, I made my first high dive – seven feet or so. I was frightened at first and stood on the bank looking down and said it seemed the hell of a way to drop. But I went in, eventually. Made two more dives afterwards.
Thanks, Hubbard!


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