Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tuesday 30 July 1935

"Experience, the name men give to their mistakes.” The above phrase comforts as I learn, through the hard medium of mistakes. Thus I don’t even regret them.

A reminder that straightness pays, was forced on me tonight – not for the first time.
I also discovered that punctuality is sometimes advisable…

Dashed up to town and met Diana at Waterloo at 7 p.m. In Regents Park; she told me that Mummie had discovered everything! A row, naturally. (Why the dickens couldn’t we have been open about it all the time? Utterly fatuous!) A chaotic, aimless evening. (Penniless, I loath London!) Eventually arrived at Waterloo two minutes after my train had gone.

Had a cup of coffee and got as far as Twickenham by the 12.25 down. Arrived there 1 a.m. Walked, about 12 miles. Arrived home 4 a.m. Hadn’t rested on the way! Sandwiches in my bedroom; first food since lunchtime.


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