Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July 1935

Slough. Beaconsfield. Amersham. Then unspoilt English countryside. A roadside beer house. Night. Aylesbury… Solitude and weariness. Buckingham… Towcester. The main road; no traffic, no life, no coffee shops. Utterly inert. “Daventry 9 ½
I spoke aloud, with nobody to hear, “God blast!” Weedon…a light.

A filthy, glorious, lorrymans hut. Hot tea, bacon and egg. 3.45, the road. Dawnlight! Fast ride to Rugby. Then Lutterworth. The waking world. I, sleepy. Dozing on the handlebars.

Leicester – a bottle of milk.
Mountsorrel – a wash and breakfast.
Then the last stage, in the heat. Journey took 15 ½ hours.


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