Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday 13th July 1935

Dashed hot still and I’m glad, for holidays lie dead ahead!

I had a swim this afternoon at Penton Hook, with Mad Willy and his brother. We lay in the sun until our costumes dried.

I’ve had tea; now for the journey – by road. Every thing is ready, every petty job done. Therefore my soul is happy! Jim wearing no underclothes except a bathing costume. Shall have to put on a Macintosh for the ride, though. In its pockets are toothbrush, paste and shaving tackle; also a small flashlight. Although it is seven o’clock it is awfully warm and my face is wet even now, as I sit in a comparatively cool room. Have just lighted a cigarette; I’ll be on the way before it is finished!
The eve of the holidays!

Here ends Part One of Shimmering Haze.


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