Thursday, April 12, 2007

Saturday 17th August 1935

I quote Viscount Allenby – “The night before… I walk in a garden, discussing flowers… This detachment gives me a clearer view”.

Cycled to Hounslow (the old secret rendezvous with myself). Went to the slipper baths – an amusing new experience – and had a dashed good tub, followed by a shower.
Then went to the Pictures. (Street musicians were strumming some Spanish tune. “Though she loves me for ever and ever”… Something like that. Probably always bring the memory of this time back… ”My story ends”…)

Returning to the garage, I found it locked. 9.15p.m. My bike inside. Had 5½ d in my pocket. First impulse, to walk home. Eventually discovered the garage man’s name was Anderson; lived somewhere in Sunnycroft Road. Canvassed thoroughly; found his place at last. Lady in nightgown said he’d gone to the “Bell”. Eventually found the “Bell”, to be told that Mr A had just gone. Hasty exit (I think people were becoming interested in the mysterious stranger!) At Sunnycroft Road again, Anderson told me he could do nothing. His son had the keys and possibly would not return before 2 a.m. I waited on the pavement whilst lights were extinguished all down the street. Bedtime. Sat in the porch, on the step. Half asleep, a kitten climbing on my shoulders.

Anderson Junior arrived at 12. Drove me back to the garage; got the cycle out.
By 1 o’clock I was in my bedroom, having a topping supper. Triumph of doggedness!


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