Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sunday 8th December 1935

At about 3 p.m. Mad Willy, John and Young arrived. After a short discussion, partly in my bedroom, partly in the sitting room, we set forth. Maddison and I broke away from the others near Wentworth, and followed a light railway track down into the woods. It led us to the bottom of a sand-pit and helping each other we managed to scramble out. Found the SR railway and followed this until we came to a bridge, on which the others were waiting.

Tea once again, at the Sundial, Chobham. Afterwards, we sat around the fire. Back by Graciouspond and Flutters Hill. (Frightfully funny when John forgot his stick. I reminded him, whereupon he swung round and disappeared at a gallop into the night.) Had some beer at the Red Lion (even Maddison).

Arrived back at Staines soon after 10 o’clock.


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