Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Friday 29th November 1935

Harris is back now, so I am a sort of superfluous supernumerary. All the better for the experience of responsibility though. Where will they put me next?

Met Diana near the digs, as she was returning from the station. We stood talking for half an hour or more, on the river bank. A remark of hers jerked my mind vividly to the Pageant time. Then – and now. What a difference!

Have just been turned out of the sitting room, which they use as a bedroom at night. So I’m sitting writing in my rather cosy room upstairs. I’ve got an arm chair and am using the German ashtray which Dick gave me. Have got an orange which I shall now eat as my mouth is rather dry. Afterwards I might shave, if the tap water runs hot enough. (Save time in the morning.) Then I shall smoke another cigarette and read “A Tall Ship” story before turning in.


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