Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thursday 21st November 1935

The works is very quiet after the machine departments have finished work, at 4 o’clock. Mr Val and Mr Lever are often away and then I feel that the stores is very much mine and my responsibility. It is; sorting out the journeys, deciding who shall take the various loads. Tomorrow, Goodall starts for the docks at 6 o’clock. Scott goes to Brighton. Croucher is doing odd runs – the “dump” and the stations. Newman goes to Windsor. White should leave for Dagenham soon after 9. Then Croucher loads up for the northern suburbs. Goodall returns and goes to Bromley – a heavy day for him. Newman takes the noonday load for the West end. I’ve had to lighten his load so that he can get his lorry to the Commer place by 4 p.m. for repairs…
This is a typical day… And Newmans’s boy? Shall I deviate from the general rule and give him a run with White?

Left at 5.30, having helped load Goodall’s van for the docks. I stealthily started the Bedford and drove out of the yard and to No.9. First experience of night driving… Took me a long time to back into the garden.

Got into the house with my old key, dragged the last of my kit downstairs – a tea-chest full of junk – and put it in the van. Drove to Richmond Road and back to the works – empty now – without mishap. Or discovery, so far as I know.

No cycle lamp. I got to Staines Bridge along the tow-path. Too deep to pedal in some places. Looked most eerie when, glancing ahead, I saw no path; just water. Had to drag myself along by some very rickety railings near Parsons’ (or Knight’s) Bridge.

My bedroom furnishing is now complete so I turned to and made everything neat and tidy. Arranged all my belongings in their respective places. Looks frightfully cosy.

A stroll towards Penton Hook with Miss R. Pretty drear and sinister down there but flooding is not so bad as on the upper side of Staines. Time I stopped writing; must be midnight – again!


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