Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday 18th November 1935

Have made no fearful blunders yet. Great confusion each morning, which gradually sorts it’s self out as the vans get away. I have to keep the girls working. Felt rather shy of giving orders at first but I’m used to it now. Loyal, Mad Willy told me that the lorry drivers are saying I was put with them as Mr Val’s informer. How I hate sneaking rumours like that!

The river is rising, gradually.

A note was handed to me in the midst of chaotic arranging of the journeys. I opened it later; from Helen, asking if she could see me, with a vague reference to Di. Wonder what the intrigue is?

Hall called a few moments ago, with a “long story”. So I’m going round to his digs to hear it. Had been going for a stroll with Miss Rowland (intellectual school teacher, digs) to see the floods.

Don’t feel depressed today. Still got 9/19d left – and a pair of good shoes!

A stroll along the river bank with Hall, and a yarn and several pipes. (I’m smoking Afrikander. Not bad and only 8d.)

According to this evening’s paper, the Thames floods have got as far down as Old Windsor. Not far away.


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