Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wednesday 6th November 1935

Up to town by the 5.31. Went to the Poly – to change a library book and have a wash! Got to the ship just in time.

A cold evening – and Jellicoe was on deck most of the time, without any coats! Especially cold as we stood on the fore superstructure and fore signalling bridge, making notes. Later we were scrambling on the boats booms, aft, whilst CPO Ingram explained the working of the mainmast derrick.

In a lecture room, abaft the gun deck; CPO Ingram asked if there were any strong men present. One modest youth said he was pretty strong whereupon he was at once told to clean the blackboard! (An old Naval joke.) Jellicoe is nearly complete now. We muster twenty now, with tonight's new entries. I am first on the roll, by some stroke of luck. It might easily have been Bell, Levey, Smith or Cooper.


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