Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday 5th November 1935

West-East run, with White. Slight traces of fog. Lunch snack at Tower Hill. Had a large piece of cake, known as a “Tottenham”.

Later took some cases to the docks, where Grantully Castle was loading. Wapping and Pennyfields – home of melodramatic, fictional crime! Slit eyed chinks. Varied smells from towering warehouses. Scene of an accident in West Ham. Motor cycle under a bus, with a bloody faced man lying nearby. Was he dead or unconscious?

White dropped me in Edgware Rd. I felt tired, rough and dirty. Had a jolly good wash in the Piccadilly subway, then went onto the ship, fresh and clean feeling.

Home by 10.30 Hot stew for supper. No Swedish cargo boats!


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