Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday 29th October 1935

Went up to town by GWR. A crazy little toy train as far as West Drayton, where we changed. The guard opened the door as we thundered along, to ask if there was “Anyone for Runnymede”. There wasn’t, so we hurtled through that station at about ten miles per hour!

On the Brighton run today. Kingston, Epson Downs. Sussex. Grey seas at Brighton; white caps far out.
Back across the South Downs. Saw the Devils Dyke. Scott let me drive a little way, near Guildford. Not so easy as a light van!

Five new men in Jellicoe, now. One is too cocky, the rest seem rather dull. Sitting in the Seamanship lecture room (after end of the main deck), I looked through a scuttle at lights across the river – and saw them swing out of sight! Of course the ship was rocking. Subdued excitement ran through the class. Later, Smith was taken ill. Seasick perhaps?


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