Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wednesday 23rd October 1935

With White on the East-and-West run (Done in one journey when possible.) My lips are frightfully sore. Fumes from the engine. West-end flats etc and the Paripan office and depot (Delightful girl at the latter place.) Only ten minutes for lunch. (White trying to impress me.) East-end. Voluptuous Jewesses made me shudder. Out beyond, to Dagenham.

White dropped me alongside President: 6p.m. I went on board (and stood to attention as is customary). We spent the evening in learning the parts of the ship – top gallant mast, breakwater, athwart ships bulkhead… Nearby, a lieutenant was questioning a squad of new entries passing out. “What is this?” “Queen Anne’s Mansions, sir” “Christ! Why not make it the Grosvenor? It is the after superstructure. Got that?”

I had supper in the mess room. Sausage and mash. Left some gravy on my plate. This was a faux pas, because the steward thought that “another Swedish cargo boat had gone down”.

It’s ripping! Expense? Despite the fact that I’m now able to smoke all day, I’ve cut down my cigarettes quite a lot.


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