Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wednesday 16th October 1935

I guess that tonight’s work cancels out an old blot on my private record. (noted, March 31st 1933) It also turns many old dreams into reality. Good work. Tonight I joined the RNVR. (After much hesitation the timid individual, places himself in the power of a machine!)

It needed a certain amount of guts, so I dare not imagine too much. Just stolidly went up. Think that is the best way to get things done. I was marched into the recruiting officers room. A P.O. at once took charge and tested my eyesight almost before I’d closed the door. 10 stones 10. 6 foot 1. Fair, blue, fresh. C of E. Nearest relative… 31 ½ - 39 ½ (Through a chink in the curtains I had a glimpse of swift running water just below.)

The doctor was satisfied. I was measured for my uniform. We signed various papers. We were informed we were the beginning of the Jellicoe class. Half a dozen of us, all fearfully anxious to be smart. We fell in awkwardly on the gun deck and a P.O. told us he was to be our “Sea Daddy” until we were rated O.D. In these first few weeks, he said, we must develop a “seaman-like attitude”.

So it is done – almost.


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