Friday, April 13, 2007

Saturday 5th October 1935

Up at 6.30. Prepared my own breakfast. Works before 8 o’clock. Harris away. We sent the lorries off alright. The last one was Maidenhead’s. Mr Val told me to go along with White. A sunny morning, just right for a spin. I drove from Egham to Datchet, then from Maidenhead to the Works.

Traffic in Slough and Windsor. My first experience. White talked and smoked all the time. I smoked. Arrived back 1 o’clock.

Evening, visited the Beach’s and played Donkey. Came home, felt fed-up, went out and met Harvey at the corner! Walked down to the Spot with him. He’s on sick leave from the Watford Asylum (not an inmate). As theatrical as ever. Pockets full of bandages and text books, which he displayed from time to time, with casual pride.

Left him at the corner again – “Cheerio. See you in Addis Ababa!”

Put my bedroom clock back – to 11.15. Shall now light my pipe and read a little while.


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