Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday 3rd October 1935

Caught the 5.38 up, from Egham. (Having borrowed my fare from Koke!)

On the way to the station I saw glaring news headlines. The first was, “War Begun” Beside it I saw, “Adowa Bombed. 1700 Casualties” My hair stood on end for a moment!

At the Poly. I found the Paint Manufacturing class much more in my line. Year three, so rather stiff. Must say I don’t like the place frightfully. However, tis in a good cause (as the platidudians say!) Came down by the 9.57.

The winter’s work has commenced. Hope… No, I don’t hope anything, being a fatalist.
I guess this is the end of a long book. At least, it covers a long period.

Incidentally, I’m in the kitchen at digs, listening to dance music. “Lovely to look at” is being played now. On these last pages, in conclusion, let me write, of the cavalcade of people and places which I saw – July 13th to October 3rd.

Unspoilt English country…a light… “Ah – kay – la!” …High on the crest of breakers… Green, wide, still… land… High country… Diana, Lucy Ashton… Walked about twelve miles… a black felt hat… Moonlit water shattered… Roaring Making house fires… Mr Anderson, a garage proprietor… “A pleasant day in each other’s company”… disconsolate little Lucy… Abyssinia! Thorpe – Egham… Bedtime…
“Straightness pays!”… TocH… Motor car… Rainstorm… Abyssinia?… The Works… The Poly…Joan… Blackness…


NB: Several pages have been removed from this book. Some have been rewritten whilst others remain as blanks. Gaps: August 29th (later) to September 2nd. September 20th


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