Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Friday 11th October 1935

The League of Nations began to apply economic sanctions to Italy. Abyssinian arms embargo lifted.

Night Adventure Oct. 12-13

Higham, Young and Brockwell met at my digs. 10.30p.m. Moon at the full. By railway, road and path to Chobham Common (Wet heather soon soaked our feet.) Indulged my usual hobby for climbing railway signals. We had supper beneath a wind pump (Yes, I scrambled up!)

Watched a vast amount of cloud gradually envelope the moon. Saw the tree tops os Chobham Clump jutting out of the mist. Sometimes, not sure of the way, we’d wander, seeking; and I’d see stumbling dim shapes and flickering lights. When I stopped to light my pipe, the others were quickly out of sight and a deep, deep silence fell.

Longcross, Lyne Lane, Footpath to Thorpe Green. Not cold; my mac was fastened to my rucksack. Got to my digs at 5 o’clock. They quietly got their bikes and went. I had a wash then tumbled into bed.

Awoke at 11 o’clock, when Sunday had officially begun.

Went to Mrs Stephens’ in the evening. Probably shall reside there for the winter. Returning, I met Diana and Helen (strange combination!) in Vicarage Road. They are close friends apparently. Thank heavens I’m a fatalist and therefore not easily surprised at fates little moves. Chatted to them for some time. Long enough to almost be jolted out of my dull placidity.


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