Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday 22nd October 1935

London with Croucher. Frightfully interesting, these journeys. Actual contact with the customer.
Shops, building estates, private houses. Croucher got me back to the Works just at 5 o’clock. So I arrived at President by 6.30.

Five of us in Jellicoe Class. Levy, Bell, Smith, Cooper. We were taught the elementary principles of drill; shown over the ship; lectured on discipline, Naval tradition etc. “When coming aboard you will salute the gangway. If not in uniform… 'Ere we 'ave the torpedo school… At the command, dismiss, new entries turn forrard, pause and break away… Right about turn!”

I bought myself an RNVR tie and felt fearfully proud of it. Wavy red and white stripes, on blue.


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