Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Friday 22nd November 1935

Today, I had to pay for yesterday. Mr Val “rowed” me (first time!) and my bicycle dropped to bits – figuratively.

Cycled to the works – only journey the miss-used machine had to make – and found a sinister notice board at the end of Windsor Toad – “Road Closed. Floods” I found Davis helping a driver near the factory. Stalled motor. Beyond - the road was a shallow canal. So the river had come over!
At lunchtime I reached the river bend where the break occurred. Except for the rushing water, there was a strange silence. Had my lunch there, sitting on a fence.

No rain today; I don’t think the river will rise much more. To avoid wet feet, those who haven’t got Wellingtons, were taken to the Mede’s end by lorry. A large pool there covers the path and the road.
Croucher took two office girls in his cabin, whilst Mr Lever, Mad Willy and I sat in the back.


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